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About The Artist


Alley Kocinski is a Loveland, CO based oil painter. She uses textured brushstrokes and vibrant color to explore how we experience the world around us. Through her work, she hopes to convey the power of being present to appreciate the beauty in each moment. 


Alley grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, and is a third generation artist. She has been creating her whole life, although the medium has changed throughout the years. She has tried everything from drawing to pottery to crocheting to woodcarving, and still enjoys playing with different mediums. Alley was an art major for her freshman year of college, before deciding to change majors and transfer to a new school. For a few years she focused on digital illustration and pattern design, and after graduating college she became a graphic designer.

In 2019, she picked up a paintbrush again. The covid lockdowns and a resulting layoff from her job in 2020 gave her plenty of time to paint, and her art has been growing ever since. She has done booths at art festivals, shown her work in galleries, been featured in online publications, and her paintings have been collected worldwide to places as far as Australia, Germany, and Croatia!

In 2021 she moved to Colorado with her (now) husband, and has found endless inspiration in the mountain landscapes and alpine flora and fauna. As someone who struggles with anxiety, she is drawn to landscapes and nature as painting subjects because that is where she feels the most grounded and peaceful.


Her work is still evolving, and always will be. But she has come to realize that what she is trying to capture is the way that we experience things - nature, light, journeys, small moments - and convey the beauty of those moments, of being present and appreciating them. Of slowing down enough to notice the magic all around us.

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